Cooler Temps Mean Cooler Prices!


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Winter time pool demolition in VA and Maryland


(In-ground pools only)


  • Sign Contract by 01/31/21: Discount of $600.00 to $800.00
  • Sign Contract Between 02/01/21 and 02/28/21: Discount of $400.00 to $600.00


  • Sign Contract by 01/31/21: Discount of $700.00 to $1,000.00
  • Sign Contract Between 02/01/21 and 02/28/21: Discount of $500.00 to $800.00


Remove a swimming pool Maryland & VAWinter Pool Removal in Maryland & Virginia

It amazes how society seems to believe that because its cold outside – all outdoor activity stops!

In the Mid Maryland / Northern Virginia region, yes, we do get some snow, but really it’s not much. With a few exceptions, we typically don’t have snow laying on the ground day after day. It snows, it usually quickly melts, and often times its a few weeks before it snows again. Other than a few bitterly cold days here and there, winter really isn’t that big of a deal in our region!

So, what does winter mean to us? As a professional pool removal contractor it means we simply wear a few more layers of clothing, arm ourselves with medicated lip balm, and we keep on bust’n up and rip’n out swimming pools!

Save on Swimming Pool Removal During the Winter

And what does winter mean to our clients? It’s an opportunity for them to get their swimming pool removed, with a job done right, and an opportunity to save some money. It’s an opportunity for our clients to be ahead of the game come spring time; pool is gone, yard is graded, the grass seed is germinating, and a sheen of green is emerging from the ground!

And Hey – if the ground is frozen – that’s EVEN BETTER for what we’re doing!

Often times clients will ask about grass seeding. It’s really simple, we demolish / remove your swimming pool, we backfill and properly compact, we grade the disturbed area accordingly, spread top soil, seed and straw. Grass seed typically germinates in early to mid April, sometimes sooner depending on soil temperatures. If our clients have areas where grass seed did not germinate, they simply call me and tell me some of the seed didn’t take, and we return in May. When we return and will we loosen the top-soil with steel rakes and reseed and straw. Or, we can lay sod during the winter months (for additional costs). Yes, provided the ground is not too muddy or frozen – the sod farms do cut sod in the winter! We have layed sod successfully year-round without any issues. 

VA & Maryland Pool Demolition Company
We cleared the snow off the pool decking and got to work on this 18-degree winter morning!

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As we go through January and February the requests for quotes for removal of in-ground swimming pools start coming in and become more steady as March approaches. By mid-March it’s like someone opened the flood gates and our inventory of work starts tipping the scales and holds steady for the remainder of the calendar year, often times with clients waiting multiple weeks after they sign the contract for their swimming pool removal work to begin.

With all that said, to keep our wheels turning year round, to help our clients get a jump start on spring, and to offer home owners an opportunity to save money – we are offering Off Season Winter Discounts from now through February 28, 2021.

The discounts do diminish as we approach the month of March. This is because the phone returns to ringing more and more. Below is the schedule for our ‘Off Season Winter Discounts’. As it says on our home page – “Cooler temps mean cooler prices!

Discounts are offered for in-ground swimming pools only.

Discounts offered will vary depending on the pool size and type of pool (vinyl, concrete /gunite, fiberglass)

Winter discounts inground swimming pool removal

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We have experience in concrete, gunite, fiberglass, vinyl liner, and spa demos, as well as the removal of tennis and sport courts.

Get twelve months use out of your yard as you want it.