About Us


The owner, Andrew A. started his residential landscape/hardscape design/build company as a young teen while in high school, graduating in 1990. We demolished and filled in our first swimming pool in Mt. Airy Maryland in 2001.

During the ‘Great Recession’ the market for residential hardscape construction services took a steep decline. With an extensive background in residential excavating and construction, and desperate to keep the employees working, Andrew placed an ad on Craigslist for demolition, removal, and filling in swimming pools in 2007. The calls started trickling in and we slowly ventured into demolishing swimming pools. Shortly thereafter, the web domain poolsremoved.com was registered, a website was created exclusively for removing and demolishing swimming pools, and pool removal has been our exclusive primary service ever since.

Outdoor Finishes was the first contractor to offer and perform swimming pool demolition / pool removal services, exclusively, in all of Maryland and Northern Virginia. And for many years, remained the only contractor to offer pool demolition / removal services, exclusively.


We’re very proud of our work and our accomplishments. We have successfully demolished over 600 swimming pools. We have made a few mistakes along the way, and we have learned from those mistakes. We have become extremely proficient with our processes, such as our demolition technique and our proper backfill and compaction process. We have developed wisdom and knowledge beyond belief. It’s our extensive wisdom and knowledge that enable us to achieve success with properties with the most difficult access and challenging workspaces. Our pool demolition process is not theory, over the years we have developed proven and successful techniques in our pool demolition/removal process.

Clients work directly with the Andrew A., from the initial contact to completion of the work. Andrew is hands-on, and onsite the from start to finish. We provide personalized service. Andrew is very big on communication, transparency, and customer service. And the aforementioned isn’t something written because it sounds nice and because we know it’s what people want to hear. Communication and personal service is truly the foundation of the company.

It’s no secret that you can find just about anyone with a loader to fill in that old pool. This is a service that we perform exclusively and successfully job after job. Unless special circumstances exist, we do not bring humongous equipment onto your property. The equipment used to break up and backfill your swimming pool is sized to your site variables. And we don’t drive 60,000(+) pound dump trucks over your yard, across breakable main water supply lines, sewer lines, and over curbing.

Over the years we have developed an extensive network of suppliers of fill material, thus eliminating the chances of your pool being ½ way filled in and us standing in your backyard stranded searching for more fill material.

We have a fine tuned system to what we do. In most cases, we’re able to provide you with a detailed, written proposal within 24 to 48 hrs after receiving e-mailed photos of your property and that old swimming pool or tennis court. You don’t have to wait multiple days for someone to come out and look at your property and then “maybe” they’ll get back to you with an estimate. Swimming pool and tennis court removal is OUR SPECIALTY. Our systems make this as easy as possible for the people we serve, beginning with the estimating, to the detailed proposal, and in the actual execution and completion of the work.

State Licensed Contractor

Both Maryland and Virginia state laws require that any person removing or demolishing a swimming pool in the commission of commerce to be a state licensed contractor. Outdoor Finishes is a licensed contractor individually in Maryland and in Virginia. Furthermore, a contractor removing or demolishing a swimming pool in the state of Virginia must also have the special classification of “POL” on their Virginia contractor license. Outdoor Finishes corresponding state license number is provided on the proposal that you receive. DO NOT HIRE AN UNLICENSED CONTRACTOR, THIS IS FOR YOUR OWN PROTECTION.

You may verify Maryland contractor licensing status here:

You may verify Virginia contractor licensing status here:

Our legal business name is ‘Outdoor Finishes LLC’. Poolsremoved.com is a web domain used for branding and marketing purposes.

And last but not least – YES!! WE HAVE REFERENCES!

Headquartered in Frederick MD, we serve all of Maryland and Northern Virginia. Our roots began as a full-service landscape design / build company and we have crafted a niche and rapidly become the leader in swimming pool and tennis court removal.

We also provide Excavating • House Demolition • Grading • Trenching • Back Hoe Work

On a case by case basis, we may be interested in providing our pool demo clients with the following construction services:

  • Hardscapes
  • Flagstone and Brick Paver Patios
  • Walks
  • Driveways
  • Beautiful Landscape Creations