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Do find yourself looking at your neighbor’s yard with jealousy? Have you lost the interest or energy to keep up with the pool you once loved? Don’t be green with envy (or algae)—even the best pools cannot last forever! Just the thought of removing your pool may be conflicting and baffling, but entrusting the task to experts may alleviate your concerns. Choose wisely and choose Pools Removed, Maryland’s leading swimming pool removal contractor.

An investment in change requires careful contemplation and peace of mind. When considering which direction to move it is important to evaluate local information and other facts for your ‘pros and cons’ list.

Reasons to Remove Your Swimming Pool in Rockville, MD

Has your pool impeded on your green? Space and money? A pool is not just a pool. Remember a pool not only consists of the constructed hole filled with water, but also the landscaping, hardscaping, pool accessories, equipment (filters, pumps, heaters) that also need to provide perfected aesthetics and updated function.

  • Conserve Your Resources: The cost and energy that it takes to keep up a swimming pool not to mention an aging pool in need of repair can be disheartening. Of the 10.6 million swimming pools in the U.S., Americans spend a total of about $1 million per hour on their swimming pool. Between opening/closing costs, cleanings of pool and surrounding concrete, chemicals, electric bills, insurance, property tax increases, replacements and repairs of various equipment and components, water refills, accessories such as vacuums and fountains, and resurfacings it can sometimes seem endless.
  • The Trade-Off: Removing a mature swimming pool can increase the number of potential buyers in the housing market. If you are interested in selling your house, renting it out or maintaining value keep in mind that there may be discouragement by those that find the responsibilities of the existing pool staggering. Additionally, other information to keep in mind that may help your decision. According to the Association of Pool & Spa Professionals 65% of Americans do not know how to swim, and of those that do only 17.4% are adults (the housing market).
  • Weed Out Danger: Sometimes changes in our lives and lifestyles cause us to gain more awareness and concern for the dangers that lie with having a swimming pool. Did you know that according to the World Health Organization and the CDC, drowning is the leading cause of unintentional deaths in the world? In the U.S. 75% of drowning deaths of children younger than 15 occurred at a swimming pool located at a private residence—either a home or neighbor’s pool. Whether you are concerned about unattended children or about needed repairs that expose other potential dangers, it may be time to remove these hazards that worry you.
  • A Fresh Start: Regaining usable yard space may be just what the doctor ordered. Green space, your yard, contributes to health and well-being. Use your imagination and remove the pool for a useful and strong foundation to grow your ideas. Not only is maintaining an outdoor space good for the environment, but it is good for your sustained mental health. According to research nature reinforces social interactions, makes you nicer, establishes a more expressed value for community and close relationships, improves attention span and helps you work more efficiently and effectively. In the words of Louis Glickman, famed psychologist, “The best investment on earth is earth.”.

An owner-operated company that has been successfully demolishing and removing HUNDREDS of pools for DECADES.

Why Hire Pools Removed?
  • Experienced and Innovative
    • We were the FIRST specialized pool demolition contractors in the Maryland and Virginia areas.
    • In over 28 years of residential backyard and construction work we have removed more than 450 swimming pools.
  • Clear and Direct
    • Working directly with the owner allows you to navigate your questions and communication first hand, anytime. The owner is involved in the project from beginning to end.
    • No one likes to be hassled which is why we provide you with a no-nonsense and upfront business approach. You ask and we answer—it’s as simple as that.
    • We don’t sweep concerns under the rug! It is important to discuss potential challenges and prepare to address any situations as they may arise.
      • It is important to remember that yard obstacles such as overhead utility, underground utility lines, beloved pet burial plots, decorative landscaping, clothes lines, fences, trees, gardens, etc. may pose additional hindrances beyond normal planning.
  • Licensing and Permits
    • Pools Removed is licensed in Maryland and Virginia.
    • We protect you by obtaining all the necessary permits in our name.
    • Our mission is based on old fashioned, yet, enduring values. This is not a sales pitch. Let us prove this to you—call us today!
In-Ground Swimming Pool Removal—Rockville, MD

It is essential to demolish your in-ground swimming pool the right way. Do not be tricked into a “quick” solution or a “fill in”. Let us save you from the possibility of a collapsed yard or further liabilities. A proper strategy requires evaluation and planning as well as superior workmanship. A full demolition and removing all in-ground structures as well as pool pumps, fences, shrubs and other pool equipment is recommended, thus eliminating other potential safety hazards.

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Above Ground Swimming Pool Removal –Rockville, MD

An above ground pool may seem to provide less challenge than removing an in-ground pool. However, regardless of the project we do not cut corners in our efforts and planning. Above ground pools have often have structures around the sides as well as other components that need to be considered in the project. Therefore, these related structures such as decks, walls, attached fencing and equipment will need to be demolished and the debris hauled offsite.

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