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Everyone needs a disruption from the incessant demands that life tends to bring—a retreat of the mind, body and soul. Don’t keep the drapes closed to avoid the looming task lurking in your backyard. We can help you attain the results you need! An unwanted or aging pool can bring a negative mindset to your outdoor living. However, it is possible to eradicate the culprit and lay a foundation for new inspiration. You deserve an oasis to stare upon to provide the necessary break from the work and commuting bustle of Alexandria.

In Alexandria, Virginia where the housing market considers pools to be a luxury and an atypical accompaniment, homeowners need to be aware of facts and statistics that affect their property value and liabilities. Whether there are concerns with the costs that continue to accumulate due to repairs and maintenance or you are wavering a change in aesthetic. Remember that psychologists say a first impression is made within the first fifteen minutes of contact. What is on the outside can very likely be the deciding factor of value.

Why Remove Your Swimming Pool in Alexandria?…
  • In the Clear: We want you to have a clear conscience about the task at hand. Put your mind at ease and project in capable hands. We have the experience, knowledge, care and competency to turn what may seem daunting into “potential”. Use your mental clarity to get energized about the new possibilities.
  • ROI: Turn a negative into a positive and use your new found sunny space to create a year round social space, private sanctuary or a new utopian spa. Whether you want to list your home now, or simply generate value for the future, the improvements made may be the necessary investment to maintain your home’s value in the market.
  • A Safe Retreat: Depending upon our lifestyles, neighborhoods and security hardscape a pool can begin to cause trepidation of danger and liability. Removing a pool can not only reduce insurance and utility costs, but also reduce the cost of unnecessary accidents. Your home should be your place to feel safe, relaxed—stress free. Stepping outside should be an extension of your personal retreat.
  • Renew Resources: A pool can also sometimes seem like a burden when we no longer have the interest, energy or allocated finances to keep it up. You can recuperate time and money, and have peace of mind when walking out to your exterior living space.

An owner-operated company that has been successfully demolishing and removing HUNDREDS of pools for DECADES.

Why Hire Pools Removed?
  • We were the FIRST company in the Maryland and Virginia areas to specialize in pool demolition.
    • With 450 pools removed over decades of years we have the established knowledge, efficiency and equipment to successfully complete your project.
  • No pressure, clear communication and immeasurable work ethic—that’s us. We do not believe in “beating around the bush”. We are down-to-earth, direct and honest. We offer you the needed information and allow you to make your decision—no uncomfortable badgering.
  • The owner is involved from initiation to completion providing you constant communication and first-hand knowledge about your project. Your questions are answered directly.
  • No deception! We are forthright with project explanations, and openly discuss any concerns, site variables or other potential challenges as they arise.
    • When dealing with natural formations and/or structures that may have 20 to 40 years of establishment it is not unusual to encounter difficult circumstances. Preparing demolition around yard creations such as overhead or underground utility lines, trees, gardens, clothes lines, fences, decorative landscaping, pet burial plots, etc. it is vital to prepare for anomalies.
  • Permits are obtained by us! This protects you, and we acquire the necessary permits the right way—in our name. We are licensed in Maryland and Virginia.
  • Our mission stems from old fashioned values of integrity, honesty and competency. Don’t just take our word for it—call us today!
In-Ground Swimming Pool Removal— Alexandria

“Filling in” a pool is not the easy way out—don’t be deceived. That’s why it is essential to work with a qualified pool removal contractor. Pools Removed will demolish and plan the pool removal the correct way. We suggest extracting the entire pool structure, thus proceeding with a full demolition of all equipment, hard surface surrounding, fencing, landscaping as well as all of the in-ground structures. Removing an in-ground swimming pool takes attentive planning and focus to ensure a safe outdoor environment. Doing things right from the start will eliminate further hazards and liabilities including a possible collapsed yard.

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Above Ground Swimming Pool Removal – Alexandria

Yes, it is usually easier to remove an above ground pool, but we approach the project with the same care and consideration. Planning and removing all of the structures around the pool is very important. Pools Removed will demolish the decks, walls and other pool related structures and equipment, and haul the debris offsite.

Remove Your Swimming Pool