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Are you swamped with extensive, unaffordable repairs on your swimming pool? Or, have you just lost interest and tired of the nightly frog serenades? Either way you may want to consider a pool demolition and removal. Even the very best pools cannot last forever, and the decision to remove or replace is inevitable. If not properly removed a swimming pool can be a liability forever, so choosing the right contractor is crucial. Regardless of your reasons for removal contact Pools Removed, Maryland’s leading swimming pool removal contractor.

Reasons to Remove Your Swimming Pool in Silver Spring, MD

Saving time, money and energy: Your aging pool requires more attention—physically and financially. You may become flooded with repair and maintenance costs or find it is time to allocate your resources elsewhere.

Selling or Buying a Home: A pool can sometimes be a deterrent or nuisance when it comes to putting a house on the market. Removing a pool may make your home easier to sell by increasing the number of potential buyers. And, for buyers that purchase a home with an existing pool, they may find the new pool responsibilities overwhelming.

Hazards and Liabilities: Due to changes in our lives a pool can become a concern for the safety of others. Whether you now have young children in your family and/or neighborhood or you are simply having difficulty with the upkeep, it may be time to remove the hazards that keep you up at night.

Diminished Interest and Use: Sometimes it is just time to move on and realize what was once a cherished amusement has become a growing burden.

Re-utilizing the space: Occasionally a new outlook is just what you need. Whether you want an upgraded pool installed from scratch, new landscaping or preparing to build your long-awaited garage, it is important to remove the pool for a strong and proper foundation.

An owner-operated company that has been successfully demolishing and removing HUNDREDS of pools for DECADES.

Why Hire Pools Removed?
  • Pools Removed was the FIRST company in Maryland to specialize in pool demolition.
  • We have over 28 years of experience working with residential backyards and construction, and have removed over 450 swimming pools.
  • You work directly with the owner from inquiry to completion, and we are available for your phone calls, reasonably, anytime.
  • Upfront, direct and a no-nonsense business mentality. You ask the questions and we will simply answer them—no pressure. No one likes that!
  • Candid and clear communication is important! Potential challenges, concerns and site variables are openly discussed, not swept under the rug. No one likes being misled.
    • Most established yards have 20 to 40 years of life formed by gardens, trees, clothes lines, fences, decorative landscaping, overhead utility lines, underground utility lines, beloved pet burial plots, etc. When discussing demolition work to be performed around these creations it is imperative to address any situations.
  • Licensed in Maryland and Virginia, we obtain the necessary permits the right way—in our name. It’s our job to get the permits, and this protects you.
  • Our mission stems from old fashioned values of integrity, honesty and competency. This is not a sales pitch. Hire us and you’ll see!
In-Ground Swimming Pool Removal – Silver Spring, MD

Do not be fooled by what you may think is the easy way out by “filling in” an old pool. Demolishing an in-ground swimming pool the right way requires planning, but in the long run it will save you from a possible collapsed yard or further liabilities. We recommend a full demolition of all in-ground structures as well as pool pumps, fences, shrubs and other pool equipment. By removing the entire pool structure, you eliminate a potential safety hazard. Learn more about our in-ground swimming pool removal services.

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Above Ground Swimming Pool Removal – Bethesda, MD

Removing an above ground pool is less difficult than an in-ground pool, however, many above ground pools have decks and other structures around the sides of the pool. Pools Removed will demolish the decks, walls and other pool related structures and haul the debris offsite. View the entire above ground pool removal process.

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