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Don’t call it a dream—Call it a plan!

Have you been daydreaming about a serene backyard? Have you been afraid to do the research about eradicating your old swimming pool? Have you been considering turning your pool into a fish pond? Don’t feel guilty—you are not alone! Start thinking of the possibilities of a new and refreshed landscape. It is more attainable than you can imagine, and Pools Removed can help you take the next steps to achieve your visions. President Theodore Roosevelt once said, “Believe you can, and you’re half way there.”

When considering any drastic changes to your property it is necessary to, also, consider the pertinent information about your area. Your home is not only your sanctuary, but it is also an investment. Be aware of the demographics and changing homebuying trends based on those statistics. Pools have been increasing over the past decades, but in McLean, VA homebuyers aren’t looking to make upgrades or renovations. In the competitive housing market make your first impression the best impression.

Maintenance = Money

It is not only a physical commitment to keep up a pool, especially an aging pool, but can also be a chronic monetary drain. You have to take into account the costs for cleaning, chemicals, repairs, heating, accessories and the increase in homeowner’s insurance.

Vested = Value

Homebuyers are not always enticed by a swimming pool. With the real estate market in McLean homebuyers are seeking the pristine and turnkey properties to invest in for their post-work refuge.  An older swimming pool may turn them away.

Fantasy = Reality
Put your face to the sun and get excited about your new adventure. Envision the new prospects of a vegetable garden, outdoor kitchen, fire pit, patio, Zen garden, spa or even a new and improved pool / oasis. It is endless what you can do to enhance not only your property, but also your mental health. Get excited about your “you time”.

Safety = Sanctuary

A clear conscience will change your life. Stop worrying about the potential dangers or financial liabilities that your existing pool may be adding. Manage your stress by calling an experienced and meticulous swimming pool remover to give you the clean slate you’ve been hoping for.  Pools Removed can get your dreams started.

Why Hire Pools Removed?
  • Have peace of mind that you are hiring professionals!
    • We were the FIRST company to specialize in pool demolition in the Maryland and Virginia areas.
    • We have removed over 450 swimming pools in almost three decades.
  • We are only a phone call away and you speak directly to the owner.
    • From start to finish you are provided with open and resourceful communication. There’s no waiting for a middle man to get an answer.
    • Providing clear and down-to-earth information imperative. No one likes their questions dodged or an important process to be confusing.
  • There is NO deception. We provide candid explanations about the project. We openly discuss any concerns, site variables or other potential challenges. It is our business mentality to be direct and honest.
    • It is not always a simple process—a potential problem or hazard may be lurking. We will constantly be updating you on any issues or progress.
    • Situations may arise when preparing demolition around yard creations such as overhead or underground utility lines, trees, gardens, clothes lines, fences, decorative landscaping, pet burial plots, etc. Often times we are dealing with natural formations and/or structures that may have 20 to 40 years of establishment.
  • We get the permits, and this protects you. We are licensed in Maryland and Virginia, and we obtain the necessary permits the right way—in our name.
  • Our mission stems from old fashioned values of integrity, honesty and competency. Don’t just take our word for it—call us today!


Remove A Pool in McLean, VA
In-Ground Swimming Pool Removal – McLean, VA

The most important decision to make when deciding to demolish your existing pool is to hire a qualified and experienced removal contractor. Our most important job is to assist you in making this experience hassle-free while offering you superior workmanship and performance. Do not be misled by recommendations of “fill-ins”. It is our suggestion that you remove the entire pool structure, thus proceeding with a full demolition of all equipment, hard surface surrounding, fencing, landscaping as well as all in-ground structures.  We focus on taking care of your property and ensuring a safe outdoor environment. Removing an in-ground swimming pool takes attentive planning which is necessary to save you from a possible collapsed yard or further liabilities and hazards.

Learn more about our in-ground swimming pool removal services.

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Above Ground Swimming Pool Removal – McLean, VA

All of our projects are performed with the same care. An above ground pool may appear to be a less difficult task, but it is still incredibly important to properly plan and remove all of the components and structures. Pools Removed will demolish the decks, walls and other pool related structures and haul the debris offsite

View the entire above ground pool removal process.

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