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Since you were brought to this page, then most likely you have an old tennis court or a sport court on your property that you no longer have use for! We remove tennis courts and sport courts for residential and commercial properties. We are the leader in residential and commercial tennis court removal and demolition, as well as sport court removal and demolition. We also remove tennis courts for homeowners and condo associations. We perform tennis court removal and sport court in all of Maryland and northern Virginia. We handle the job from start to finish.

It matters who you hire for your tennis court removal or sport court removal. There is typically a fair amount of work involved with removing a tennis court. Some counties may require a grading permit. If a grading permit is required, then most likely a silt fence and possibly other sediment control devices will be required as well. We handle everything that is associated with the removal of the tennis court. We will apply for the grading permit (if necessary), we will remove and dispose of the chain link fencing from around the tennis court in its entirety. Many tennis courts have wild trees and bushes that have sprouted and grown up around the perimeter of the court over the years – we’ll remove that! We will peel up the asphalt tennis court, load the asphalt onto large, tandem axle / tri-axle dump trucks, and haul the asphalt rubble away from the premises, and dispose of at a legal recycler or dump site.

After the asphalt is removed and exported from the premises, we then start backfilling the site with fill soil. Grading will also be performed to ensure proper water run-off. After the grading is completed, we typically then provide and spread a three-inch layer (approximately) of screened topsoil as a top dressing. After the grading and spreading of the topsoil is complete, we then either stabilize the soil with grass seed and straw, or, for additional costs we can provide and install sod.

We would like to point out that tennis court removal and sport court removal does not have a “season”. We remove tennis courts and we remove sport courts year-round, even during the winter months.

It’s time for you to have that huge, ugly tennis court and its towering chain link fencing removed so you can enjoy your property!  We remove tennis courts for homeowners associations, condominium associations, commercial properties, apartment complexes, and private residential properties.

How much does it cost to remove a tennis court in Maryland & Virginia?

It can generally cost somewhere in the range of $18,000 to $25,000 to remove a tennis court in Maryland and Virginia. Of course, there are variables that determine what end of the price your tennis court would fall into. Permitting requirements vary from county to county and city to city (if permitting is required at all). Additional preparations like erosion and sediment control will likely push the cost up a bit, as well. Erosion and sediment control requirements vary from county to county and city to city (if any requirements at all).

If a tennis court is tucked all the way in the far corner of the property – this means we have further distance that we must carry materials (asphalt rubble, fill soil, and topsoil). This also means there will be more area that must be restored at completion of the tennis court removal project. If you would like to get a free estimate based on the actual site conditions of your property, and you are in Maryland or northern Virginia, click Contact, scroll down, fill out and submit the form, and we will be in touch with you promptly.




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