Above Ground Pool Removal in Maryland & Virginia

Outdoor Finishes removes above-ground swimming pools in Maryland and Virginia. The removal of the pool itself is the easy part. Many above-ground pools have wooden decking around the sides of the swimming pool; this is where much of the cost to remove an above-ground pool comes into play. We have to tear the decking apart, load it onto a dump truck or a roll off container, and then haul the debris away and dispose of it.

Most above-ground pools are partially sunken into the ground. This will require that fill soil be imported to backfill the concave cavity. All disturbed areas will be top-dressed with top soil, seeded, and stabilized with straw.

Many Steps in Above Ground Pool Removal

Above ground pool removal Maryland

Often times the removal of above ground swimming pools is not as simple as many would like to believe. Removing the pool structure itself is the easy phase of the job. There are usually other phases that come into play with above ground pool removals. 

I speculate that 70% of above ground swimming pools have wooden decking around them, some with very simple and basic design and structure, some with elaborate design and structure. But none the less, the demolition and removal of wooden (or composite) decking is a step that entails additional labor time, as well as additional fees for exporting / hauling, and legal disposal of the subsequent decking debris. 


Even though above ground swimming pools are referred to as……”above ground pools”, I speculate that 95% of them are sunken below the surface of the ground to one degree or another. We have removed above ground pools that were sunken just five or six inches below grade, and we have removed above ground pools that were sunken 4-feet below grade. We also encounter many above ground pools that were placed into the bottom of a slope.  Above Ground Pool Removal fairfax VA

Regardless, nearly all above ground swimming pools require importing and backfilling with fill soil. 

After backfilling is completed, we typically then provide and spread screened topsoil, grass seed, and straw. Followed by clean up of the driveway. 


A complete removal of above ground swimming pools and the wooden / composite decking, as well as backfilling of the concave cavity, spreading top soil, grass seed and straw, typically run 2 to 3 days from start to finish. Some above ground pool removal jobs may take longer.

Our service for removal of above-ground pools includes:

  • Free telephone discussion
  • Review of e-mailed pictures
  • Site visit and evaluation – if required
  • Planning and estimating
  • Written quote and explanation
  • Fences and shrubs removed and either replaced or disposed of
  • Utilities disconnected (performed by others, or we can sub-contract this service)
  • Pool pumped out
  • Removal of pool, deck and equipment
  • Filling of concave hole under pool – if required
  • Graded to proper elevation
  • Pool areas are graded to drain away from structures, to streets or to drainage facilities.
  • Disturbed areas top dressed with top soil, seeded, and mulched with straw
  • Written watering instructions provided
  • Virginia expert pool removal
    A very 1960's looking above ground swimming pool removal we did in Fairfax VA

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